Entertainment Weekly Shoot Added

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The photo gallery at Kristen Bell Online has been updated with 8 photos from the “Entertainment Weekly” magazine shoot!

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Kristen Bell Covers “Entertainment Weekly” Magazine

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Kristen Bell and her “Veronica Mars” co-star Jason Dohring are featured on the cover of the February 21, 2014 issue of “Entertainment Weekly” magazine! The issue will be out on Friday, February 14th!

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A long time ago, we used to be friends with a whip-smart teen sleuth named Veronica Mars. And now, thanks to a historic Kickstarter campaign, Mars is back in Neptune — this time on the big screen. In this week’s cover story, star Kristen Bell and creator Rob Thomas take EW along for the roller-coaster revival of the beloved cult TV series. Just a year ago, a big-screen revival of Veronica Mars was still a pipe dream. But after a groundbreaking and breakneck turn of events, on March 14 it will be a dream come true for tens of thousands of fans that made it come true by donating $5.7 million last spring to a Kickstarter campaign — organized by Mars creator Rob Thomas — to finance the revival they’ve wanted since The CW canceled the series in 2007. Even Veronica is pinching herself. “Never before have we had a platform that allows people to engage us and tell us what they want,” Kristen Bell told EW when we visited the set of the movie last summer. “We said, ‘Guys! Maybe we’re crazy, but we really want to do it again. Do you?’ And they answered!” Adds Thomas, “We’re guinea pigs for a whole new model of filmmaking. It would be nice to be a success.”

Shippers invested in Veronica’s relationship — or lack thereof — with broody bad boy Logan (Jason Dohring) will be delighted to know that the movie hits the angle hard… especially after a tragedy in his personal life requires Veronica to return to her roots as a PI. But brace yourself, Team Logan fans: As the film opens, Veronica is (SPOILER ALERT) still dating Stosh “Piz” Piznarski (Chris Lowell, currently on Fox’s Enlisted). Dohring — who we’re pleased to report is so much more mild-mannered in real life — admits he never quite understood what the ladies saw in his character: “I watch some of those old episodes and go, ‘Geez, Jay, you’re such a dick!’”

Whatever happens at the box office, Veronica Mars will continue to live on after the release of the film with a series of novels published by Vintage and overseen by Thomas; the first one hits in March. As for more movies (or even, perhaps, another TV series?), Bell likes her heroine’s chances: “I am not too pessimistic about this being the last round.”

Kristen Bell To Appear At PaleyFest

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Kristen Bell will be a part of the 2014 “Veronica Mars” PaleyFest reunion panel!

Thursday, March 13, 7 p.m.: “Veronica Mars,” moderated by Alan Sepinwall, featuring Rob Thomas, Kristen Bell, Jason Dohring, Enrico Colantoni, Chris Lowell, Ryan Hansen, Percy Daggs III and possibly more of the Marshmallows.

Kristen Bell & Dax Shepard On “Today”

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Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard want the paparazzi to know that their infant daughter is off-limits.

“We had always had an agreement that when this little thing came into the world, all bets were off, no pictures would happen,” Bell told TODAY Friday in an exclusive interview. “We now have a duty as parents to protect this little one.”

Added Shepard: “You see a lot of paparazzi blackmailing celebrities, saying if you pose for a few pictures we’ll leave you alone for the rest of the day. And I just don’t think that that’s the best option that we have in this world.”

The “Veronica Mars” star and the “Parenthood” star welcomed their daughter, Lincoln, in March 2013.

The celebrity couple on Monday urged their followers on Twitter to boycott magazines that publish photos of the children of celebrities, with Shepard saying that kids “shouldn’t be punished for who their parents are.”

Bell quickly retweeted her husband’s message. She later added that she will no longer do interviews with magazines that pay photographers to take pictures of celebrities’ children and that consumers should also think about their behavior.

The couple — who was public with Bell’s pregnancy, tweeting photos and sharing personal moments with fans — says it’s all about consent and how the child is affected.

“We’re not saying that we can’t be newsworthy. We’re saying that our child is not newsworthy,” Bell said. “We chose to be the entertainers, so we never post — other than the birth announcement — we’ve posted nothing about her and we don’t plan to.”

In September, a California bill aimed at keeping paparazzi away from the children of celebrities and supported by film stars and parents Halle Berry and Jennifer Garner was signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown.

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“House of Lies” 3×04 Captures

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The photo gallery at Kristen Bell Online has been updated with 435 high definition screen captures from episode 3×04 of “House of Lies”!

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Dax Shepard, Kristen Bell Call for Boycott of Mags That Pay for Photos of Celeb Kids

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Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell are calling on their fan base to boycott magazines that pay for photos of celebrity kids.

On Monday, the “Parenthood” star — and dad of daughter Lincoln — took to Twitter with a plea.

“Please boycott magazines that run pics of ‘celebrity children.’ They shouldn’t be punished for who their parents are,” he tweeted.

Shepard went on, “Children shouldn’t be stalked. #boycottusweekly #boycottstar #boycottpeople #boycottintouch #boycottboycottboycott.”

When a follower pointed out that some stars probably like the attention from the paparazzi and even orchestrate it, the actor rejected the tweeter’s “cynical view.”

“I can tell you me and my friends do everything in our power to prevent it,” noted Shepard.

And Bell herself later wrote on Twitter, “I wont do interviews 4 entities that pay photogs to take pics of my baby anymore. I care more about my integrity & my values than my career.”

“The ‘look at the celebs kid at the park!’ teaches us a disengaged voyeurism. think abt how being followed by photos all day effects THE KID,” she went on.

The “House of Lies” star explained, “Now think about how you play the MOST NECESSARY role in the sad chain of events-the consumer. Things won’t change till the consumer does.”

The couple, of course, is the not the first to share their frustrations.

Last year, Christina Applegate slammed Perez Hilton for posting paparazzi photos of her daughter; Ben Affleck called the process “disgusting;” and Kourtney Kardashian was swarmed by photographers until her baby girl ended up in tears.

Similarly, Kylie Jenner said their should be a law against photographing children under 18, Jennifer Garner and Halle Berry testified on behalf of a protection bill, and Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy ranted about strangers profiting off their kids.


“House of Lies” 3×03 Captures

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The photo gallery at Kristen Bell Online has been updated with 966 high definition screen captures from episode 3×03 of “House of Lies”!

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