Photos: House of Lies 4.03 Entropy Is Contagious Captures

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I have added captures of this past week’s episode of House of Lies to the gallery. Enjoy!

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Television Series > House of Lies > Season 4 > Screen Captures > 4.03 Entropy Is Contagious

Photos: House of Lies Season 4 Captures

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Captures of Kristen from the first two episodes of House of Lies for this new season have been added to the gallery.

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Television Series > House of Lies > Season 4 > Screen Captures

Photos: People’s Choice Awards Additions

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I have added more images of Kristen at the People’s Choice Awards thanks to Renee!

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Public Appearances > From 2015 > The 41st Annual People’s Choice Awards

Photos: The 41st Annual People’s Choice Awards

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A mixture of high quality and medium quality images of Kristen attending the 41st Annual People’s Choice Awards to the gallery.

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Public Appearances > From 2015 > The 41st Annual People’s Choice Awards

‘Frozen’ Star Welcomes Second Daughter with Dax Shepard

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On Friday, December 19th, the gorgeous celebrity couple Kristin Bell and Dax Shepard gave birth to a lovely baby girl. Delta is Kristen’s second child with Dax after the couple’s first healthy daughter, Lincoln.

Dax Shepard became an extremely proud father that day and he shared the news by tweeting, “Delta Bell Shepard is here. She doesn’t look like either ?@IMKristenBell? or me, but we’re gonna keep her anyway. ?#christmascameearly?”

The couple has been expecting their second child since June, a spokesperson confirmed to Entertainment Tonight. In July, Bell and Shephard began thinking about baby names, but were “completely stumped.”

By the time September had rolled around, Bell admitted to the press that they had found the perfect name. “We had a little bit of a breakthrough. We’ve settled on one, thankfully,” Bell said, “It’s a lot of pressure, especially because we felt ‘Lincoln’ was so perfect.”

Bell shared her pregnancy cravings with US Weekly as being, “What I normally eat, which is fairly healthy, but I give in a lot more to cravings.” Bell adds that she gives into cravings because she finds things more delicious when she is pregnant.

The beautiful actress has no problem keeping in shape, even with a baby. She keeps active throughout her pregnancy by taking care of and playing with her toddler, Lincoln. Also, she is happy to find that she “really benefited from applying prenatal yoga.”

Kristen Bell is a happy mother, and she feels excited by her motherhood. She also makes sure to keep as many resources as possible on hand, “We’ve tried not to freak out,” Kristen joked to RedBook magazine.

Congratulations on your new baby girl, Kristen and Dax!


Photos: The Judge Los Angeles Premiere

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I have added high quality images of Kristen from the Judge LA premiere to our gallery. Thanks to Mouza for donating them!

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Public Appearances > From 2014 > “The Judge” Los Angeles Premiere

Kristen Bell Talks At-Home DIY Beauty Treatments, Being Eco-Friendly, and Neutrogena

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Do try this at home!

It isn’t easy being green, but Kristen Bell has the eco-friendly lifestyle down to a science. The actress, 34, spoke to Us Weekly about all the natural lifestyle changes she has implemented — including how she’ll tend to her post-summer dry skin and fix her own at-home beauty treatments.

According to the Neutrogena Naturals spokesperson, an earth-conscious way of thinking was ingrained in her from the start. “I think I grew up being taught a sense of responsibility and that translated into blanketing the world around me, where it was my love for animals or my personal challenge to myself not to be wasteful,” the actress revealed.

In part because of that, you won’t find the Frozen star loading up her cart at expensive beauty counter. Instead, she relies on natural products to DIY her own beauty concoctions.

“I’ll rub raw coconut oil on my tummy and then it’s moisturizing and you smell like a Mai Tai, which is really lovely!” she said.

The Veronica Mars alum also aims to keep rough skin at bay with a little self-indulgent DIY spa treatment.

“I also love making little scrubs to keep in the shower. I’ll mix brown sugar, honey and a little bit of olive oil and scrub my body with it.“

Bell’s quest to achieve great skin via eco-friendly products is the reason why a partnership with Neutrogena Naturals works so well. The actress took an active approach to understanding everything from new skin care products to makeup.

“I’m the one who’s always like, ‘When can we have an acne line? When can we have makeup?” she says.

However, it was most important to align with a beauty brand that is accessible and cost-efficient to women everywhere.

“My sisters live in Michigan and they can’t get access to boutique products that someone maybe in California could, but they can go to their local drugstore and get Neutrogena Naturals,” she said. “If we’re going to make any impact on the planet or any impact in the health of this species, that’s really important to have it available to people.”

As the weather gets cooler, the actress plans to rev up her beauty regimen with the green product line.

“Going into fall I have drier skin because I wear so much makeup,” she explains. “When I use a cleanser I need it to be a little bit creamier and there’s a purifying cream cleanser now and I’m excited about that.”

Bell’s most important tip for keeping flaw-free skin? “I always wash my face before I go to bed with the Naturals cleanser,” she tells Us. “Consistency and simplicity is what my skin really, really responds to.”

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